Supporting Information

  1. Letter by Board of Health supporting the new bylaw

  2. Letter by Sustainable Lexington Committee supporting the new bylaw

  3. Statement by the American Public Health Association declaring "Noise as a Public Health Hazard"

  4. Current Town Bylaw Chapter 80 that prohibits "excessive or unwarranted noise" that results in "noise pollution" (10 dBA or more above ambient noise)

  5. has many ideas for more natural landscaping in the 21st century

  6. Recycling and re-utilizing lithium batteries is happening in the United States.

Other communities that are phasing out GLBs

  1. At least 170 municipalities have imposed seasonal restrictions, including Newton, Cambridge, Brookline, and Lincoln.

Communities that have passed laws to eliminate GLB use:

  1. Washington, DC

  2. Burlington, largest city in Vermont

  3. Bedford, NY

  4. Larchmont, NY

  5. California has a statewide ban on the sale of GLBs, effective in 2024; furthermore, 21 cities in CA have banned or restricted noise levels of GLBs

  6. Our own DPW has already eliminated most gas-powered landscape maintenance equipment including smaller leaf blowers, and the Director has stated that he is comfortable with eliminating all GLBs on the new bylaw’s schedule.

Organizations and officials that support the Noise Reduction Bylaw